What fans are saying: 

"Amy Denson's music has a quality of purity that transcends this world. Every lyric is full of depth and nuance, and her melodies are intricate and unique. She is truly a hidden gem of an artist!"


"Amy is one of the most talented, humble, and unassuming musicians I have ever known. Her voice is so soothing and pretty, I can listen for hours. Her talent goes beyond her voice- her songwriting is from the heart and the girl can play some music!! Do yourself a favor and give a listen."


"Hope and unshakable faith are the first things that come to mind when trying to put a label on Amy and her gift. A woman who has been tested by fire and come through, not beaten; but forged like steel into something of great beauty and strength. Her music shines with hope, the triumphing over pain, and a deep abiding love. Uplifting and spiritual, her music is a testament of hope to all."


"The world needs to be healed, loved, and rejoiced by the love that comes from within Amy's soul and words. Her music moves past genre and generations. She touches all hearts, souls and minds. Her heart and soul is in every verse. I believe in Amy's magic, and pray that her success will spread through the world and we will forever be more peaceful, happy and strong."


"Amy is persistent, talented, and creative. She writes and sings from her heart using real life experiences. Using these qualities, she brings many emotions to her listeners." 


"Amy Denson is a shining star of hope, faith, love and happiness."









A little about my amazing team: Backing vocals on many of my songs feature our three daughters, Kayla, Summer and Serenity.

Besides singing, Kayla is a Horse Whisperer, Summer writes songs and poetry, and Serenity is an artist in multiple mediums.


My producer, Frank Starchak, is the genius behind the production and performs all instruments other than acoustic guitar and tambourine, which are my specialties.

My favorite Irish Musician, Colin Ferrell, of Orlando, added his Fiddle and Whistle magic to our Christmas album, Christmastime. 

I was recently honored to have Rob Ellis Peck, of Sister Hazel fame, add his amazing blues harmonica to one of the songs on my upcoming album!  



I'm sure you saw the Lyric Videos and Slideshows I've created. If not, you can go to my Music page or my Videos page here on this site. I would love to create a Lyric or Slideshow video for you. Contact me to get your project started! 


One of my favorite things to do is give House Concerts. These are intimate gatherings, usually unplugged, for your friends and family. Send us an email to request more information. Be thinking about the kind of music you would desire: a Worship concert or our Funky Indie/Rock songs.

Contact me if you would like to schedule a House Concert.


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My next album is releasing very soon!

Based on early listening fan feedback, I believe you're gonna love it!

We'll have giveaways and downloads soon, so stay tuned.

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